Reflecting on Part four – The language of light and Assignment four…

As with my previous posts, this post summarises what I have learnt from part four of the course and Assignment four, with the aims: 1) to embed the learning for future courses and projects and 2) to act as a review and reflection tool which gives ease of reference to the learning points.

So to summarise the feedback received:

  • calibrate equipment wherever possible – screen and printer,
  • continue to experiment with lighting and printing,
  • get rid of unwanted and distracting elements in post as appropriate,
  • be brave and experiment with pushing creative ideas further, and
  • develop the narrative angle if this is an area of interest.

Following tutor feedback I have included within this post my re-work of image 2 and re-shoot of image 4 and 5.  My response to the work of Edward Weston, Graham Rawls, Anderson Studio M and Kafka’s The Metamorphosis will be posted under a separate blog post.

Image 2 : Original Vs digital re-worked image (image lightened/label removed) 

2. IMG_9000

IMG_9000 re worked











Image 4: Original Vs re-worked image (different composition/more detail on lamp)

4, IMG_9054












contact sheet

Image 4 re-shoot


Image 5 : Original Vs re-worked image (different composition/label removed)

5. IMG_9022

IMG_9448 re-shoot












Image 5 re-shoot

Following the re-work of Images 2, 4 and 5 above, here are both series to compare:

Original series:

Revised series:

I do think the changes give a different flow to the series.  I had trouble matching the colour tones exactly, this was for a number of reasons, for example, I used a different egg which was not as white as the previous one and I shot with natural light to accompany the lamp light and the quality/colour of natural light was different from the original shoot.  This highlights for me that maybe I need to explore using a grey card for continuity purposes and be more creative and varied when shooting the first time so there are more choices for selection.

Experimentation: Re-worked images with narrative added (just for fun!)….

IMG_9000 plus words

IMG_9022 plus words










I think these images do lend themselves to having text added.  They could almost be advertising posters, they have a certain look and feel about them.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to explore this more in another course.

My tutor tasked me with researching the work of Graham Rawls, Anderson Studio M, Kafka’s Then Metamorphosis and Edward Weston which I will put a link to here once this is available.

Note: For the purposes of my Assessment submission I have provided a new set of ‘lightened’ A4 prints which include the re-shot images 4 and 5, which I have also decided to print on a lustre non glossy paper to experiment with printing papers.

This now completes my work, re-work and reflection of part four/Assignment four.


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