2 March 2017 – Medway Cup (Digital Competition)

This week was a digital print competition, the Medway Cup (Digital).  The third of three digital competitions this season, which means final results should be available soon.

There were 80 images entered in total.
There was no theme, it was an open competition.
The judge for the evening was Robin Harmsworth
Scores were out of 20.

The same rules applied, as per my previous posts on digital competitions, one of which can be found here.

So here are my 4 entries, with their scores and judges feedback:



Anyone for Tea Scored 14

The towels included within the image were confusing, what is the story?  The title is good and the tea-cup is sharp.  Need to watch the reflective highlights.  Thought the cropping on the chair was deliberate.






Follow the Shadow scored 17

This works well in monochrome and the cropping elongates the leading lines.  Good patterning.  Liked the inclusion of the bolts at the bottom of the metal fence to the left had side.






In the Spotlight scored 17

Like the light, egg and the egg reflection in a line works well.  The line running horizontally in the background is there but not distracting.  It was right not to crop closed to the light/egg.





Look Into my Eyes scored 20

The eyes follow you wherever you go.  The hat holds the image in from the top.  The side lighting is good as provides shadow and some contrast.  Care needs to be taken on whites with detail, need to ensure the details are not lost.




Once I know my final position I will post the results.


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