16 February 2017 – Digital Manipulation Competition

This was a new style of competition for the Club one which it had not run before.

The basis for the competition was that every member was issued with 6 base images, kindly supplied by members of the club; 2 portrait, 2 landscape and 2 patterned, and each member could enter up to 6 images but had to abide by the following rules:

·         You will be required to use AT LEAST 1 of the base images, or portion of that image.
·         You may use as many of the “base images” as you wish and as many times as you wish.
·         You MUST, in addition to the above, use 1 of your own images as part of the composition.
·         You may not use more than 1 of your own images for each individual entry.
·         You may use any photo manipulation software, technique, filter, plug-in or action to create your image. “Paid for” filters and plugins are allowed.
·         You may not use any images other than the 6 provided and 1 image of your own for each entry.
·         You may enter up to 6 images in this competition.
·         This is a digital projection competition; images must be submitted using the usual digital format.

There were 27 images entered in total.
There was no theme – it was an open competition using the images provided.
The judges for the evening were the Club members
Scorecards were provided and members were asked to place the 3 images they felt were the best; 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

It was a really fun and enjoyable evening seeing the different things members had done with their images and there were some really creative and well executed manipulated images.

Due to the nature of the images they cannot be used/shown without the express consent of the photographers involved and the images could not be used for any other competition purposes as they contained the work of more than one photographer.

That said I was lucky enough to win the competition so I asked my fellow photographer Martin Mitchell who supplied the background image whether he was happy for me to share the winning image on my blog, he consented so that is what I am doing and I will explain a bit about its construction.


I took Martin’s landscape background image, which was of a concrete area that looked like it may have been under a bridge but which had graffiti on the walls.  I applied the filter Fractalius and then chose a photo of Lois Loren I had taken a while back in top hat and tails and added her into the frame.

To makes things a bit more interesting I duplicated this same image and repeated is in different heights down the right hand side to mirror the perspective of the background image.  I then added a large head and shoulder version of the Lois image to the left hand side.  I reduced the opacity of these images so the background Fractalius effect would show through.  And voila!

Hopefully the Club will continue to try new and exciting alternatives to get members together and thinking of different photographic approaches, techniques and composition.


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