2 February 2017 -Ken Hayward Cup (Digital Competition)

This week was a stand alone digital print competition, the Ken Hayward Cup (Digital).

There were 64 images entered in total.
The theme was Flora and Fauna.
The judge for the evening was Tony Bentley ARPS
Scores were out of 20.


Bottoms Up scored 16

Nicely set up. Contrasts with background. Lots of detail. Look at cropping the image closer as would make a stronger image.





Peekaboo scored 17

Cute image.  The eye is a bit soft, the rest is ok.  It’s the eye that lets this image down.








Pooch Portrait scored 18

Acceptably sharp.  Nice eye contact.







Winter Leaves scored 14

Nice shapes.  Different but lacks punch.  Too dark, needs lifting.



Although comments were good, scores were low so I think I need to re-evaluate my selections for digital competitions going forwards as I seem to be weaker on projected images than printed images.  All comments above understood and noted.


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