Assignment four – ‘Languages of light’ – The End

Course:  Expressing Your Vision

Assignment four – ‘Languages of light’ – The End (following on from Assignment four – ‘Languages of light’ – The Middle)

Please note: My tutor requests that my final Assignment image submissions are provided as A4 prints so the jpegs below are only of web quality.

So here are my final selected images for my Languages of light, together with their technical specs (the text beside each image accompanied my A4 prints):

Image 1 – Lamp Lamentation
“Once upon a time there was a lonely looking lamp.”

1. IMG_9044

Technical Details: ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/5

The lamp is central to the story; it is the key light source. The lamp is bent over, indicating sadness. The light only falls in the space in front of the lamp, conveying a feeling of isolation and reflection. The positioning of the second subject out of the light allows the viewer to see that the lamp is not alone but only a shadow form is visible. Instinctively we know it’s an egg.



Image 2 – An Eggcellent Encounter
“One day the lamp caught sight of a lovely egg.”

2. IMG_9000


Technical Details: ISO 100 1/20 sec. f/5

The lamp is now lighting the egg directly from the top, however, the image shows the reflection of the lamp showing more of the bulb giving a sense that the lamp has ‘spotted’ the egg.




Image 3 – Delighted
“They chatted for a while and soon they became good friends.”

3. IMG_9013


Technical Details: ISO 100 1/20 sec. f/5

The lighting in this image is more intense and slightly on the front side of the egg. The lamp with its ‘head’ cocked is meant to mirror a posture someone who is listening intently might take. This picture is brighter to portray more energy resulting from active conversation.



Image 4 – Elec-chick Love
“Their friendship grew stronger and closer.”

4, IMG_9054


Technical Details: ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/5

Back to softer lighting and a more intimate placement of the lamp and the egg. Both the positioning of the subjects touching and the softer lighting portrays a close relationship.




Image 5 – Let There Be Light
“They shared stories of creationism and the inverse square law.”

5. IMG_9022

Technical Details: ISO 100 1/60 sec. f/5

Now the lamp has reclined and lay beside the egg. The angle of light is more acute, directed on the egg and intense. The positioning of the lamp’s ‘head’ suggests it is only the egg that matters.




Image 6 – Consumed and Duplicated
“They lived happily ever after.”

6 IMG_9048

Technical Details: ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/5

Placing the egg in front of the lamp produces a shadow similar to that in image 1 going full circle, however, this time the lamp and the egg are consumed by each other. They have become one but have also in reflection been duplicated suggesting there is now a ‘family’.




Further development:

I really enjoyed creating this narrative between 2 inanimate objects.  This idea certainly has the potential to be developed and go further as a concept maybe as part of another course on the degree pathway.  I liked the titles with the play on words too.

This completes my Assignment four submission from a course requirement perspective and I now await tutor feedback.


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