Part four – Project 4 – Exercise 4.4

Project 4: ‘Ex Nihilo’
This section is all about studio lighting.

Exercise 4.4

Use a combination of quality, contrast direction and colour to light an object in order to reveal its form.

I decided to use my trusty egg, whom I have now grown fond of, as my subject for this exercise. I set up a white gloss table top to work on and used a white backdrop.  I set my camera up on a tripod to ensure a consistent view.  I used a hand-held light for this exercise which gave off a very white light @ 6000 kelvin which helped with the white balance issue.  Note: my contact sheets below show all my shooting data for reference.

I lit the egg using several different and combination of lighting direction, proximity and technique; playing with lighting to show the egg’s form.  Included in this experimentation I also tried some multiple exposures with the egg and other objects / lighting to see how that could work to show off the egg’s form in a different way.


studio-light-led-4-4-1 studio-light-led-4-4-2


Here is my sequence of 5 unique shots together with their lighting diagram; showing the position of the camera, the subject and the direction of the key light and fill.

img_9118  1

img_9131  2

img_9135  3

img_9157  4

img_9111  5

What are the similarities between the qualities of controlled lighting and the daylight and ambient artificial light shots from Exercises 4.2 and 4.3?  Each of the lighting options; daylight, artificial and studio:

  • allow forms to be expressed and represented (light and shadow),
  • adhere to the same light laws e.g. inverse square law, hard light/soft light etc.
  • are reflected, absorbed and diffused by the things around it, and
  • can be the sole reason for why an image works or doesn’t.

It is becoming more and more apparent to me by going through this course that lighting is something a photographer needs to understand well to achieve the best results in any given situation.  I continue to learn and grow as a photographer in this area but there is still so much more to try and experiment with and these exercises have only just been the tip of the iceberg for me.

This completes my submission for Exercise 4.4, now on to Exercise 4.5.


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