24 November 2016 – Discovery Day Challenge (Digital)

For this competition, the challenge was that photos had to be taken on the clubs day out in Whitstable.  They had to be from a specified area within Whitstable and all taken on the same ‘Challenge’ day (25 September 2016).  For this competition a maximum of 6 entries were permitted.  There were 50 entries in total.

The judge for the evening was Stephen Carroll ARPS.
All scores are out of 20.
1st, 2nd, 3rd and two Highly Commended places given.


Coast Life scored 17

The elements; the dog in the bottom left, the man in the red middle right and the boat top left, worked well in a triangular formation.

The square frame was the right choice for this composition.  It all hangs together.





Old Guys Rule scored 17

The desaturation works well with no obvious bright areas to draw the eye away from the subject.  The light area to the right of the subject work well in contrast and defines the subject more.




Old Neptune scored 16

Lots of light tones which work well together.  The right amount of detail.  Would look to darken the shingle at the bottom edge as this would make the image stronger.  A bit of fringing around one of the chimneys.




Reflextions scored 16

An intriguing image.  Would have expected to see the photographer in the reflection also.  Technically well done.







Surf the Moment scored 20 and won 1st Place

Desaturation works well, lots of blue tones. The vignette works to ensure there are no light patches at the edges or in the corners, so your eye is drawn to the main focus.






Tyred of Whitstable scored 17

No bright areas.  Good shallow depth of field, brings the eye back to the main focus of the image and the other periphery items are just scene setting.


My personal favourite was the photo that came in 2nd Place.  I was convinced it would take the crown!!

The other comments on the other images which I learn from were:
– if you are taking a ‘details’ shot, one that want the viewer to wander their eye around it needs to be sharp, have a good depth of field so make sure the right areas are in focus and the contrast needs to be balanced.
– Watch out for bright patches within the frame especially at the corners.
– Look for good textures and complimentary tones.
– Having a colour running throughout helps hold an image together.
– when using monochrome take care on the contrast, which is key.
– When focussing a deep shot try to get the foreground in focus if nothing else, it adds strength to an image.
– depending on the image, square and letterbox formats can work well.
– Take care when positioning subjects in front of things that they don’t merge into the background.
– Not every image works in monochrome.

And that concludes my update on this week’s digital competition judging.


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