27 October 2016 – John Amey Cup (Print Competition)

This was the first print competition of the season (round 1 of 3) – The John Amey Cup.

Unfortunately I was on holiday but I did enter 4 images and I can now share with you my entries, scores and some feedback which I received 2nd hand from other club members.

The judge for the evening was Clive Tanner FRPS, MPAGB.
All scores are out of 20.
All the prints I submitted were A4, printed by DS Colour Labs
All were mounted on 40cm by 50cm boards.


Beach Shoes scored 14

The judge said that it would have been more interesting if the framing had been different i.e. the top shoe was cropped in half or just the bottom shoe was shown.

This was mounted with a white frame.





Feather scored 17

The club members liked this one and it seemed to score well.

This was mounted with a black frame.





Alice scored 14

The judge did not like the fact that the skin did not have any texture, thought it had been over processed.

I have to say that Alice’s make-up on the day of the shoot was flawless, in true pin up style, so the adjustments done in post were minimal.

This was mounted with a black frame.


Dockside Marina scored 18

I personally thought this was too obvious and it very nearly didn’t make the final cut, however, the judge liked it.

This was mounted with a black frame.


I cannot give you any more details than this but to say that I am currently 6th in the print league with 2 more rounds to go….


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