Assignment three – ‘The decisive moment’ – The End

Course:  Expressing Your Vision

Assignment three – ‘The decisive moment’ – The End (following on from Assignment three – ‘The decisive moment’ – The Middle)

Please note: My tutor requests that my final Assignment image submissions are provided as A4 prints so the jpegs below are only of web quality.

I have attached a separate sheet providing the image summaries including the technical data and why I captured each image as one of my ‘decisive moments’. 

Please note: Due to the focal length of the lens some of the images have been cropped and for some the orientation has been changed to improve composition.  

So here are my final selected images for my Decisive moment, together with their technical specs (the text beside each image accompanied my A4 prints):

Image 1 – Life Imitates Art
Technical Details: ISO 250 1/800 sec. f/2.8 20mm
I wanted to capture the body art of the skateboarder against the graffiti on the walls/columns of the skate park. The dappled light from the afternoon sun, coming through the trees, created a highlight on the skateboarder’s tattoos.

image 1 _MG_5016

Image 2 – In Anticipation
Technical Details: ISO 320 1/800 sec. f/5 40mm
In skateboarding there is a moment of anticipation just prior to a trick being executed. I wanted to capture the skateboarder’s pre-trick expression and posture.

image 2 _MG_5152—-
Image 3 – Levitation?
Technical Details: ISO 200 1/800 sec. f/5.6 17mm
I was taking shots of the skateboarders riding their boards along the pole, trying to capture their exit tricks. Cartier-Bresson said in ‘L’armour tout court’, “It’s always luck. It’s luck that matters.” I feel there was an element of luck in capturing this image.

image 3 _MG_5096—-
Image 4 – Leap of Faith
Technical Details: ISO 320 1/800 sec. f/6.3 50mm
There were a few skateboarders who were trying more elaborate tricks and jumps. I liked the commitment I felt from this skateboarder who launched himself into the air aiming for a landing on the pole. I also like the red of the bottom of the skateboard.

image 4 _MG_5134—-
Image 5 – Deflated Skateboarder

Technical Details: ISO 200 1/800 sec. f/7.1 17mm
Initially your eye focuses on the skateboarder to the right of the frame but there is more; who are the shadowy spectators? What is the story with the deflated looking skateboarder left of the frame?

image 5 _MG_5112—-
Image 6 – The Jump
Technical Details: ISO 400 1/1250 sec. f/2.8 35mm

This image was taken at a different part of the skate park with more advanced ramps. I wanted to capture a compact fully airborne jump and this skateboarder had a praying mantis style jump which captured my imagination.

image 6 _MG_5029—-
Image 7 – Contemplation

Technical Details: ISO 400 1/800 sec. f/3.5 50mm
This was the run/route back from the main trick area, time for contemplation, thought and re-energising. I liked the lighting giving form to the skateboarder’s body.

image 7 _MG_5048

And here are my contact sheets for this Assignment:

contact sheets-1

contact sheets-2

This completes my Assignment three submission from a course requirement perspective. Please follow this link for tutor feedback.


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