1 September 2016 – Start of the new season

So we are in September already… it doesn’t seem possible.  I say this every year but I will say it again ‘hasn’t this year gone quickly?’.  As you get older time seems to pass more quickly.  I’m not sure why that is *pause for thought*…  anyhow, September means a new season of the Reflex Photographic Club.

During the break we held a stall in the local shopping centre with the aim of getting more people to join the club.  I thought it was really fun to talk to people about something I was passionate about.  We enrolled 7 new members as a result.

The first night of a new season is really about welcoming new members, discussing the new programme of events and catching up with other members, informally sharing any photographs we had taken over the break.  The new programme, if you are interested, is on the club website.

It’s good to see that we have some new judges this season, also: a model night, a couple of lectures, a digital manipulation challenge and a couple of head to head battles with other local photography clubs (including Invicta – Chas Bedford!  Great to catch up with you the other day by the way).

I am also looking forward to my first discovery day challenge on 25 September in Whitstable.  This is where club members take photographs to enter into a digital competition where only photographs taken on that day can be entered.



2 thoughts on “1 September 2016 – Start of the new season

  1. Chas Bedford

    I would say, “Bring it on” but I think your Invicta Battle is something different. (I hope so, as we have Kirsty Ralfs judging our “… of the Year” competition that night) 🙂


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