Part Three – Project 1 – Exercise 3.1

Part Three : Traces of Time

Project 1 : The Frozen Moment This section is all about freezing motion.

Exercise 3.1 

Brief: Using fast shutter speeds, try to isolate a frozen moment of time in a moving subject. Add a selection of shots, together with relevant shooting data and a description of your process.

Practical: One bright morning with my camera set to shutter priority mode, my daughter and I headed to the park for some fun in the children’s play area.

As we would be taking shots at a high shutter speed in good light, at a reasonable focal length, there was no need for a tripod so I took all the shots handheld.

Results: The shutter speed of 1/2000 sec. was enough to freeze the motion of this particular activity, noting that for other activities this may be different.

My contact sheet for this activity is below showing my shooting data and final selection.

EYV Exercise 3.1 Contact Sheet v2

My final selection, cropped in closer, is below.


Findings: To start with I found I was missing the good shots due to the timing of capture and realised you had to be more considered about when you pressed the shutter button so as not to miss the action. I found the high-speed burst was more successful for me when taking a succession of shots during the period of motion.

Depending on how quickly the shots are taken (one after the other) determines how smoothly the eye sees the transition from one shot to the next. 24 frames per second is what the eye needs to see to perceive motion smoothly. The above shots are taken too far apart for the motion to appear smooth so the above sequence looks instead like fragmented slices of time.

Reflection: I enjoyed this exercise mostly because the reason for the motion was one of fun and enjoyment (although my daughter could have looked a bit more happy rather than having her concentration face on!).

This completes my submission for Exercise 3.1.



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