Georgia O’Keeffe at the Tate Modern

Exhibition: Georgia O’Keeffe
Date: Friday 5 August 2016 @ 12:30pm

I had the pleasure of going to the Tate Modern on Friday to see the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and I wasn’t disappointed!  I didn’t know much about her work apart from her well-known clichéd paintings but I would definitely recommend the exhibition which runs until 30 October 2016.

Georgia OKeeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 – 1986) is most well-known for her flower paintings that have sexual connotations but there is so much more to Georgia O’Keeffe than this.

The exhibition covers O’Keeffe’s work from the 1910s to the 1960s and includes her paintings, drawings, charcoals and a sculpture together with work from those who inspired her works and photographs from Alfred Stieglitz (1864 – 1946), her husband.  O’Keeffe was Stieglitz’s muse so there are a number of photographs of her in the exhibition.  There are 13 rooms so if you are going to go, pace yourself give yourself at least an hour and a half to take everything in.

O’Keeffe decided to be an artist before she was 12 years old.  I think back to when I was a child and although I had aspirations to be many things, working in the Pensions industry was not one of them… maybe that’s why I am now a frustrated wannabe photographer.

One thing I noticed particularly about her abstract paintings was the gentle calming use of colour.  She used pale blues, pinks, greens, greys and white, which were blended so softly.  She used rounded, flowing lines and an effective use of shading to take the eye on a pleasant journey within the frame.

There were many pieces that inspired me but a piece called ‘Shell No. 2 1928’ oil paint on board especially has given me some ideas for a future photography project.



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