Assignment two – ‘Collecting’ – The End

Course:  Expressing Your Vision

Assignment two – ‘Collecting’ – The End (following on from Assignment two – ‘Collecting’ – The Middle)

Please note: My tutor requests that my final Assignment image submissions are provided as A4 prints so the jpegs below are only of web quality. 

So here are my final selected images for my Collecting – Heads series, together with their technical specs (the text beside each image accompanied my A4 prints):

Image 1
Technical Details: ISO 100 1/400 sec. f/5 190mm
Gordon is an intelligent, patriarchal and reserved character, so I feel this image reflects his nature well (albeit he looks a bit serious).  I like the contrast of his red shirt against the green foliage and the separation between the dark foliage and Gordon’s white hair.  Although the lighting looks reasonably even I feel it was a bit too bright for the subject.  The shot was taken in the shade with a reflector but in hindsight I could have chosen a different time of day and/or used a diffuser to ease some of the brightness.


Image 2 
Technical Details: ISO 100 1/640 sec. f/4 80mm
Lynne is fun and young at heart and I think her smile in this image gives you that sense.  [Note: she can also be serious, as you will see from my blog exercises.]  I took this shot in front of a bush with blue flowers as I felt complimented Lynne’s eyes and top.  I think the level of detail in this image is good.  The combination of settings for this particular lens works well.  If I was to change anything it would be to have considered the dappled shade more.



Image 3
Technical Details: ISO 160 1/125 sec. f/5.6 100mm
Poppy is a natural beauty and she is very comfortable in front of the camera which I think comes across in this image.  I used earth tones in the background to compliment her hair, which was improved further by the light coming in from the top rear forming a natural hair light.  I used a slightly higher ISO to make sure I could use the camera hand-held at 100mm.

See Note here.



Image 4 

Technical Details: ISO 100 1/1000 sec. f/4 70mm
Fiona is a smiley, caring person who enjoys a life of laughter and good times with family and friends.  I took this image on a bright day and although I used a reflector to help with the shadows, possibly a diffuser would have improved the outcome.  The problem with using too many accessories is that you run out of hands to hold them, especially whilst shooting hand-held.  The shutter speed was high so I could have increased the f-number i.e. a smaller aperture.



Image 5 

Technical Details: ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/5.6 80mm
Craig is very proud of his 6 month beard that he has managed to grow, so was happy for me to document his achievement with some amusement.  This image was taken towards the end of a day when the lighting was more even.  I think the contrast of Craig’s hair against the dark background makes his head pop from the image.





Image 6 
Technical Details: ISO 320 1/800 sec. f/6.3 115mm
James normally wears Reactolite glasses.  We took some shots with them on but they soon turned black in the sun and we couldn’t see his eyes, so he removed them.  This image was taken on a bright day in the shade.  I had a higher ISO than I needed for this shot (by accident) but I don’t think the detail in the A4 print has suffered.



Further Development:

“How might the series be improved in the future?
I think I would like to take this into the studio and try the assignment in a more controlled environment using studio lights, or use natural light plus some off-camera flash to even out shadows and get more of a ‘zing’ into the subjects eyes.  I could also do with getting some stands to hold reflectors and diffusers so that I can concentrate on operating the camera and directing the model, instead of trying to balance a reflector whilst shooting.  I guess this is all a learning curve and is one of the aims of the course; to improve your technical skills (as well as developing your understanding of photography as an art form).”

This completes my Assignment two submission from a course requirement perspective and I now await tutor feedback.


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