12 May 2016 – Digital Print Competition

This week was a digital print competition, the Ken Hayward Memorial Cup (Digital), there were 54 images entered in total and the theme was Flora and Fauna.  The judge for the evening was Malcolm Hardie.

These competitions as I have blogged before have a specific format; firstly, the images are shown in succession one after another so everyone can see what the entries are, next they are shown one by one and the judge gives his critique of the image before moving on.  The critique usually includes what has been done well and what could be improved, and then the final part is the scoring.

The scoring for each image is out of 20 and as well as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, there are 2 highly commended awards given.

So how did I do…

BLOSSOM ABUNDANCE by Elisabeth Smith

BLOSSOM ABUNDANCE ISO 200 1/160 sec. f/2.8 105mm

Score: 15

Critique:  A difficult subject to photograph as there needs to be something that holds the eye.  The flowers at the bottom of the frame are competing and the branch to the left takes the eye out of frame.  The soft colours are nice.



BLUEBELL by Elisabeth Smith

BLUEBELL ISO 200 1/125 sec. f/4 105mm

Score: 16

Critique: Sometimes there are remnants of things insects have left behind so it’s worth taking a brush to clear these bits off prior to photographing.  Also the bottom flowers are out of focus.  One of the mid flowers appears damaged so is not the best example of a bluebell, however, the background is good and the vignette works.






HAIRY FLY by Elisabeth Smith

HAIRY FLY ISO 100 1/3200 sec. f/2.8 50mm

Score: 12

Critique:  Good colour.  Distraction to the bottom left and right of the frame.  This would have scored more highly if the image had been square and the black space to the right was removed.  It would have benefitted by pulling out a little as the plant is right on the frame.



POM POM PRIMULA by Elisabeth Smith

POM POM PRIMULA ISO 100 1/400 sec. f/2.8 50mm plus a filter

Score: 10

Critique: There are competing elements within the frame  and some of the main subject is soft.  The cropping is strange with the left hand side of the flower out of frame.  Highlights are distracting but the support cast of stalks are good.






The lowest mark given was 10.

As well as the critique for my images there was some other feedback worth sharing, in no particular order:

– repetition of shapes makes for a stronger image,
– triangular, S, T. V and W shapes in an image gives more interest,
– leaving space can be compelling to the eye,
– to remove highlights from a heavily sunlit photograph use a diffuser across either the whole of the image or just the part which may distract the eye,
– catch lights in eyes are important (note: wet eye), and
– try to catch ‘life’ into an image it will engage the viewer more.

That concludes this post.  The next meet is a Clash of the Titans competition which only has entries which have scored a 20 throughout the season, which means I will not have any entries but may still pick up some tips.


3 thoughts on “12 May 2016 – Digital Print Competition

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