Part one – Project 2 – Exercise 1.2 Point – Task 2

Exercise 1.2 Point : Task 2 (following on from Task 1)

Task 2a: Take a number of images in which a point is placed in relationship to the frame.
Can you find any place where the point is not in relationship to the frame? If it’s in relationship to the frame you can place a point in any part of the picture and the picture is balanced.

Practical – Task 2a:
As with Task 1, I used the diffuser part of my reflector kit as the background which was placed on the floor,  I used a small red button as my ‘point’.  I set my tripod to eye level and set my camera facing down towards the floor to observe the point from above.

Results – Task 2a:

Findings – Task 2a:

Adjective: balanced 1. Being in a state of proper equilibrium.  (WordWeb: English dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software. 2016. WordWeb: English dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 8 April 2016].)

I placed the point at random positions within the frame and concluded that there wasn’t really a wrong place for the point to be.  However, there did appear to be more balance when the point was half way between either the length or the width, or when it was equidistant from two sides of the frame.

Task 2b: As you review your photographs, observe the way your eye ‘scans’ the surface of the image.  Note how:
– a point attracts attention out of proportion to it’s size,
– the eye looks for connections between two points,
– placing a point close to the edge seems to animate both the point and the frame.

Results – Task 2b:

File 08-04-2016, 19 35 51

My eye initially went to the bright spot under the chair on the left, it then went to the hole in the back of the chair as it was the next lightest area in the area.  Next I looked to the boat because it was the next ‘thing’ in the image and then I tried to work out the context so looked towards the door.  Finally my eye was drawn to the leading line running to the from of the image and then off the image to the left.

File 08-04-2016, 19 43 54

My eye initially went to the dark bin on the right hand side and then followed up the pole.  It then went across the top of the garages and snaked from left to right moving downwards and finally followed the road markings to the triangle on the road.


File 08-04-2016, 19 36 18
My eye went straight to the eye/face, then  the dark patches on the coat.  The red lights of the power station was the next thing to catch my eye which I then traced down to the mirror image in the water.  I then followed the leading line down, across and circled round to the other parts of the image noting the right hand top corner and finally the boat far left.

Reflection – Task 2a and b:

I found task 2a relatively easy to record but not so easy to assess the rights and wrongs compositionally.  The application of the definition ‘balanced’ was the part I had trouble with.   Aesthetically a point on a page is a simple point of reference without any other distractions, so I think balance becomes more relevant when there is more than just a point to consider.

Task 2b was a challenge as the eye moves a lot faster than you realise and to truly record what your eye is seeing, interpreting and recording is actually quite difficult even with your own hand.  I think I captured the essence of the exercise and noted that my eye was initially drawn to the lightest, darkest or most familiar point in the image.  It then followed the next most obvious point or line/s in the frame.  Generally I wanted to look all around the image searching for the not so obvious nugget of information to give more context and reason behind the image being taken.

This completes my submission for task 2 of Exercise 1.2.  You can access Exercise 1.3 here.


Michael Langford, 2010. Langford’s Basic Photography: The Guide for Serious Photographers. 9th Edition. Focal Press.

WordWeb: English dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software. 2016. WordWeb: English dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software. [ONLINE] Available at:



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