A list of books I have purchased or read…

I thought it would be a good idea to have a central log of my reading material, which I will update on a regular basis, showing the books I have purchased and/or read relevant to my degree course and any relevant subscriptions:

Books – Recommended Reading:
Camera Lucida – Barthes, Roland (read)
Mythologies – Barthes, Roland
Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography – Batchen, Geoffrey
The System of Objects – Baudrillard, Jean
Illuminations – Benjamin, Walter
Ways of Seeing – Berger, John (read)
Photography – Bull, Stephen
The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Cotton, Charlotte (read)
The Ongoing Moment – Dyer, Geoff
Towards a Philosophy of Photography – Flusser, Vilem
Langford’s Basic Photography – Langford, Michael
Photography: A Critical Introduction  – Wells, Liz

Other Books:
Brandt Nudes : A New Perspective – Thames & Hudson
Light Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting – Hunter/Biver/ Fuqua
Action Photography – Rotovision (read)
Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers – Evening, Martin

British Journal of Photography
Digital SLR Photography


Blow-Up – Antonioni, Michelangelo
The Salt of the Earth – Salgado, Sebastiao


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