31 March 2016 – Model Night Using Studio Lights

Tonight was good fun!

The Equipment:
There were two lighting set-ups to try; both had a light facing away from the model with a silver reflective umbrella attachment – this was used as the main key light.  The other light had a diffused shoot through umbrella attached and this was used as the fill light.  There was also an option of incorporating a third hair/rim light which I used on a couple of my photographs.

Each set-up had a different backdrop; one was a large piece of beige and grey patched material and the other was a darkish blue material with light blue/white cloud shapes on.  I was surprised at the effect they produced and realised that you didn’t need to spend a lot of photographic studio background paper you could improvise.

Then there were the two willing models….

How the evening ran…
Everyone took it in turns to use each of the lighting set-ups using a remote trigger to set off the key light and fill light.  Settings were around 1/250 sec. f/8 at ISO 100 but this seemed to be camera dependent. The best bit for me, as it was the area I was least familiar with, was getting a chance to pose the models.  As a result I found that I was more considered with each photograph I took as I was paying more attention to shape, form, composition, focal point, mood and expression and probably more.

Working with a model I learnt that it is important to build rapport, this puts the model at ease and means that you get a more natural photographs from them.  The more you interact the more they start being themselves and their personalities coming through making for better more relaxed photographs, rather than them ‘Performing for the Camera’ (great segue to one of my other posts) and giving you what they think you want.

In addition to using the studio lighting I also experimented with setting my camera to cope with the normally lit environment, this meant having the ISO a lot higher than I would normally feel comfortable with but it did prove that you could still get some reasonable shots without using the studio lighting in the club room.

I think the photographs that were more successful, in my opinion, were the ones where the framing had been considered and some thought had been given to what I wanted the photograph to say/portray.  I was really pleased with the results and now want to take more portraits/people photographs so I’m looking for volunteers….

I am unable to post the photographs I took due to permission being sought, however, I am hoping to use the ideas gathered from the evenings experimentation in Assignment 2 of EYV.  So watch this space….



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