Physical learning log…

I have seen in several places now in OCA literature and videos that some tutors like to hold a physical log of work that a student has put together, so to this end I purchased:

  • 5×7 photographic paper for home printing/recording.  I know it won’t be the best quality but this log is all about ideas and the recording of.
  • An A5 Derwent Big Book, which I will use as my physical learning log.  Importantly it is spiral bound so you can stick things into it without the spine breaking.  It has 86 pages of 110 gsm acid free paper.  Meant primarily for sketching but I hope to be doing that too as I put my thoughts and experiments to paper.

Now I think I am all set to start recording all the work that is not specifically related to a specific Exercise or Assignment but will in some way be related in thought process.

I would be interested to hear how you are putting together your physical learning log or if you have just decided to go digital only…..


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