Reflex Photographic Club

By way of introduction what is Reflex Photographic Club?

The first rule of Photography Club is you do not talk about Photography Club, the second rule of Photography Club is you do NOT talk about Photography Club…. I’m joking of course, that was for any Fight Club film fans out there, maybe there are not so many of them around, however…

It is a local club which meets every two weeks on a Thursday night in my local area.  They hold lectures from local photographers/members of the club, competitions both digital and print and they also run ‘how to..’ nights where you can learn new skills or refresh old ones.

I am relatively new to the club, I joined as I needed a discussion group to talk about the technicalities of photography, so I wasn’t boring my family to death with Photography talk.  Although they do still have to vote for favourite their photographs Strictly Come Dancing style at times.

The club has a website and I will include a link to that here: Reflex Photographic Club

I will post every two weeks on what I have done at the club together with any interesting facts, hints and tips I have acquired at the meeting.


3 thoughts on “Reflex Photographic Club

  1. chasbedfordblog

    Hi Liz,
    A quick “hello” as it seems you are local to me. I thought I recognised the scene in your header picture (Medway with Kingsnorth and Grain power stations, if I’m right). I am a member of Invicta Photographic Club, down the road a bit from you. I think it is a great idea blogging about your club meetings. I had chickened out (it is a bit too much like introducing your friends to your family) but I might do it occasionally.

    1. misselisabethuk Post author

      Hi Chas, thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog and a ‘hello’ back. You are correct, I am Medway based and have been to The Strand, Gillingham, a couple of times now to take photos. When I was thinking of joining a photography club I did look around club websites so have heard of yours. It would great to find out more though so why not give blogging about it a go?! Send me a link when you do. In the meantime have a great day!

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