18 February 2016 – Landscape Photography Lecture

This week we had a lecture on Landscape photography from local landscape photographer Alex Hare .  Alex had served for two years in the Royal Marines when he decided to leave and go back to University to study law; a career whilst he was learning photography and building up his equipment.  At the age of 31 he turned Pro and hasn’t been happier in his job.

Alex provided an insight into his work and process, explaining his particular take on Landscape Photography, his post processing techniques, as well as holding a question and answer session.

The lecture was very inspirational and showed that at times you needed real endurance against the elements to get ‘that’ shot. Patience also helps when waiting, for example, for the clouds to move slightly to get the right light across the landscape for the shot you want.

My ‘take aways’ from the evening were that; you need to experience a location, go there at different times of the day/year to really understand what it has to offer, view it from different vantage points, see where the sun comes up and goes down in relation to it and that sunrise and sunset can be the best times to capture some stunning shots due to the lighting conditions.

Next week is a digital print competition which I have entered four of my photographs in.  I will post these on my next Reflex Photographic Club blog page together with the technical specs, the critique received, my scores and some reflection.


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